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THIS is the easiest way to remove hair and fur from your clothes, furniture, and fabrics. The extra-large, double-sided, self-cleaning lint brush tackles the difficult task of removing unwanted pet fur, lint, and hair from your clothes and fabric surfaces. It captures fur and lint in 2x the time of a single-sided lint brush. There are no refills, no tape, and no messes. A must-have for your clothes and your furniture!

pet fur and lint brush instantbrush


  • FREE TRAVEL-SIZE BRUSH (OFFER ENDS TODAY) – Being light and portable, the free travel-size BRUSH will fit in any of your bags. Take it with you anywhere you go.
  • PATENTED MICRO-BRISTLES – The secret? Patented with thousands of micro-bristles in the brush that act like fingers, grabbing every hair it meets, one swipe from you and the fur is gone instantly.
  • EXTRA LARGE AND DOUBLE-SIDED – Being extra large (~33 cm in size) and double-sided, imagine how much work and time you can save as compared to lint brush with only one side.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND REUSABLE – There are bristles on both sides of the self-cleaning base, that grab the fur and pull it off of the brush. When the base becomes full, you can remove the clip and dump fur into the trash. Use it over and over again - you only have to buy the BRUSH once.
  • WORKS ON ANY SURFACES – Effective for dogs' and cats' hair, even bunnies' too. And you can use it on practically any surfaces, from furniture, clothing, carpets, linens, beds, pillows, fabric to car seats and more.
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pet fur and lint brush instant brush travel brush


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